Mergers & Acquisitions

Solutions for Consolidation and Growth through Acquisitions




Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are consummated by management teams and stakeholders seeking to maximize value

Management and Shareholder Motivations

  • Desire to reach critical mass quickly
  • Cross-selling opportunities afforded by a broader product mix
  • Reduction of operating costs and overhead through synergies
  • Lower cost of capital and enhanced accessed to financing sources
  • Desire by shareholders to exit the business altogether and/or focus on other opportunities
  • Goal of divesting non-core assets that do not fit into strategic plans
  • Belief that the company or asset has achieved its maximum realizable value in the context of the existing ownership structure and management team
  • Desire by owners to recapitalize the company as a means of exiting the investment
  • Pressure from creditors to enact a sale (in the case of financial duress or distress)

Sand River can assist clients reach their strategic goals

Sell Side Advisory Capabilities

  • Represent selling shareholders to maximize value
  • Provide innovative deal structure alternatives to mutually align interests
  • Deliver insight on available strategic alternatives to all stakeholders

Buy Side Advisory Capabilities


  • Advise interested buyers on attractive targets by leveraging a strong network of corporate and institutional investor relationships.
  • Assist clients in their analysis and due diligence process
  • Negotiate terms with target management teams and their advisors
  • Coordinate successful execution with all involved professional services firms

Sand River’s range of services can be employed to achieve strong results within a client’s specified timeframe


Mergers & Acquisitions Services

  • Valuation of companies, divisions or specific assets
  • Support of buyers in their due diligence process
  • Support to sellers in their articulation of the value of the company or asset
  • Advice in the structuring of transactions
  • Assistance with the identification of prospective purchasers or sellers of targeted assets
  • Negotiation of transaction terms with counterparties and their advisors
  • Articulation of transaction rationale to employees, creditors and other relevant stakeholders

Key Steps in a Successful Process

  • Determining the enterprise value of the company or asset
  • Identification of prospective counterparties
  • Detailed articulation of the business or assets to prospective buyers
  • Negotiation of terms
  • Coordination of diligence
  • Facilitating documentation with all parties and their respective attorneys
  • Closing