Strategic Consulting

Strategic Solutions for Management Teams



Sand River is capable of assisting clients in assessing strategic options at critical junctures in the lifecycle of their businesses and Sand River can help with a wide array of business challenges, including growth issues, competitive pressures, management changes and capital needs.

Strategic Consulting Capabilities

  • Assessment of a company, its strategic position and its prospects
  • Analysis of industry and competitive framework
  • Development of tactical and long-term strategies to accelerate value creation
  • Articulation of strategic advantages as well as any enhancement strategies
  • Mapping of a company’s operational processes
  • Assistance with preparation of business plans and operating procedures
  • Executive search and candidate assessment

Sand River strives to aid companies in their pursuit of extraordinary financial results through the realization of capital structure and financing goals that align with the strategic plans and objectives of all stakeholders

Financial Consulting Capabilities

  • Valuation and financial modeling
  • Creation of value realization, exit strategies and succession strategies for equity holders
  • Identification of value-enhancement opportunities, including the sale or spin-off of non-core assets

Sand River assists companies in refining their operations to put them on a path towards sustained growth

Key Strategic Assessment Priorities


  • Customer Advocacy: Customer advocacy is the acid test of competitive advantage and companies generate strong returns through serving customers better than their competition
  • Repeatable Business Model: Success requires a definable and repeatable set of competitive advantages
  • Allocation of Scarce Resources: Management is the art and science of allocating scarce resources and management’s first priority should be to allocate those resources toward unlocking the full potential of the core strategy while remaining disciplined about pursuing distracting non-core pursuits
  • Incentive Alignment: Successful strategies structured by strong incentivize mechanisms for team members at all levels
  • Controlled Costs: Controlled operating and administrative costs are critical to sustaining competitive advantages and fueling reinvestment
  • Organizational Buy-in and Ownership: Winning strategies require garnering supported throughout an organization
    • Buy-in occurs when employees are convinced by management that an idea or plan of action merits their support
    • Ownership occurs when management has convinced employees that they have a real stake in an idea or plan of action and are determined to make it succeed